Alorian Raumo

A tall, thin wood elf with jet black hair and blue eyes, with a slightly wild look in his eyes.




Alorian was born and raised in the wilds of Teruvia by his Druid mother. Alorian was raised to respect nature and to worship Talos – the god of storms.
Alorian’s mother protected her grove from a nearby village for years, until one night the townsfolk decided they had had enough and killed her for her land.
Alorian arrived back home to find his mother slain and his home destroyed. From there he decided to help “unfetter” nature that had been tamed by humans and others.

As the culmination of a series of confrontations Alorian helped destroy a dam, flooding out a village downstream. Alorian was hunted across Teruvia for slaying “innocents” with the flooding. Alorian finally managed to escape on a boat to a newly settled continent, where he arrives at a small town named DragonReach.

Alorian Raumo

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